A Festschrift in honour of the great philosopher and theologian Professor John Hick, former H.G. Wood Professor of Theology at Birmingham, was launched in the School on 18th January 2012 to mark the occasion of his ninetieth birthday.  Combined with the regular staff/student coffee morning, the short but happy and memorable celebration commenced with a welcome from Professor Helen Beebee (Head of the School of Philosophy, Theology and Religion), who then presented this celebratory volume -- Religious Pluralism and the Modern World: An Ongoing Engagement with John Hick edited by Sharada Sugirtharajah (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) -- to Professor Hick, who then gave a brief speech in which he thanked all contributors to and editor of the Festschrift.

Professor Hick highlighted the relation between Philosophy and Theology and observed how important they were to each other, commenting how pleased he was to see the two departments were together in the same School and now under the same physical roof in the ERI building. Professor Hick's speech was followed by short appreciatory speeches by Professor John Hull, Cannon David Jennings, Dr Alan Race and Dr Geoff Teece. Sharada Sugirtharajah closed the event by thanking the contributors and participants, and the day concluded with everyone warmly wishing John Hick a very happy ninetieth birthday.

More information: Religious Pluralism and the Modern World

John Hick
Reception at the event