This workshop opens a series of events organised as part of an interdisciplinary Genre Studies Network funded by AHRC and organised by the University of Birmingham in cooperation with the University of West London.

Workshop 1 is taking place on 6 October 2012 and has the title, 'Genre: theory, methodology and practice.' The venue for the workshop is Room 121 (1st Floor) Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham, at the Edgbaston campus.

Speakers at the workshop include Dr Natasha Artemeva (Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada); Dr Garin Dowd (University of West London, UK); Sam Leith (London, UK), an award-nominated columnist, novelist and journalist; Prof. Carolyn Miller (North Carolina State University, USA).

All workshops are open to everyone and are free but places are limited. If you are interested to attend any of them please email the organiser Natasha Rulyova at