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We intend to switch emergency power from the turbine and emergency generators to mains power on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd November. Emergency supplies are fed from either the turbine or the generator. Different information applies depending on whether your building is being supplied from the turbine or a generator.

We therefore intend to switch from the Turbine to the Mains early on Thursday morning. The buildings fed from the Turbine are listed below. This should not involve a power outage for those buildings but at the time of switching, there is an increased risk of an outage, and it will be necessary to stop the turbine at some point during the switch-over. The period of increased risk is approximately 0700 to 0900 on Thursday 22nd November.

Aston Webb A Block
Aston Webb B Block
Aston Webb C Block
Aston Webb Semi Circle
Great Hall
Clock Tower
Old Gym
Telephone Exchange
B Block Computer Room
Sky TV – Great Hall Block
Cable TV – Subway
Ashley / Strathcona
J G Smith
Muirhead Tower
North Road Car Park Lighting
Street Lighting & Barriers
Temporary Supplies Chancellors Court
Maintenance (via CHP)
Estates West (via CHP)
Transportation (via E West)
Landscape (via Maintenance)
Elms Computer
Medical School Building
Student Facilities
Temporary Boilers
Clinical Research
Cancer Research
Dennis Howell
Tennis Courts Flats
Centre Court
Squash Courts
Winterbourne House & Library
Winterbourne Gardens
Winterbourne Cottages 56 & 56A
54 Edgbaston Park Road
Lucas House
Peter Scott House
Park House & Lodge
43 Edgbaston Park Road - Meadowcroft
Garth House
Garth House Annex’s
Street Lighting (Public)
Horton Grange Cottage
Mason Hall Flats
Elms Day Nursery
Park Grange
Street Lighting & Crossing (Public)
Elms Cottage
HV Radial to S/S17 Tennis Courts
Aitkin Wing
Chamberlain Hall
Central Kitchens
Staff Houses
Med School West Ext
Rose Garden

Switching from the generators to the mains will involve an outage. All possible preparation in the individual substations is being done ahead of the switch-over. We estimate that the outage at each building will be between 30 and 60 minutes.

To limit operations during core working hours, the following schedule has been established for switching and agreed with building managers, Directors of Operations and Senior Officers. 

Thursday 14.00-15.00 Shackleton Hall

Thursday 15.00 – 16.00 Jarratt Hall

Thursday 16.00 – 17.00 University Centre, Staff House & ERI

Thursday 17.00 – 18.00 Met & Mat, Netshape, 3 Elms Road

Thursday 18.00 – 19.00 Haworth, Chem West, Mech Eng, Terrace Huts, Sportex, Civil Eng labs, Sports pitches, Chem Eng, Alta Biosci, Biochem Eng, Chem Eng Workshops, Pilot plant, Petro-forge.

Thursday 19.00 – 20.00 Learning Centre, Computer Science, Occupational Health, Public Health, west barrier, Gisbert Kapp, 52 Pritchatts Rd, Hornton Grange, Library Reserve Store, barrier

Friday 06.30 – 07.30 Bramall, Physics East, Medical Physics, Nuffield, tel exchange

Friday 07.30 – 08.15 Barber, Physics West, Poynting Physics, University House, barrier.

Friday 08.3009.30 Biosciences Tower and Quad, Geography, Munrow, running track.

Given major events taking place on campus this weekend some generators will be retained on standby.

The switchback to mains power will involve power outage in some campus buildings for short periods. This will not affect the majority of teaching and you should turn up as normal. However, if you have teaching at the times specified above in buildings switching over from generators to mains the teaching will be cancelled. Please refer to your department for details about rescheduled teaching.

The following IT services will be unavailable from 4pm today (Wednesday 21st) until the mains power supply is reconnected and confirmed stable (we are anticipating this will be tomorrow, Thursday 22nd).  All other IT services should continue to run as normal through the switchover, however other disruptions are possible if unforeseen circumstances arise.

Corporate reporting - BOXI
Corporate Reporting - Data Warehouse
Corporate Reporting - Research Data Mart
Citrix -remote and off-site access to applications
Email via Mobile - University email via non-Blackberry mobiles.
HAS - ID Card production (COMPIC)
HAS - Conference Park (Kinetic)
HAS – Sports Centre (Gladstone)
PG Admissions system
Staff Filestore

Due to the move to return buildings back to mains power on Thursday and Friday there will be no telephony in the following areas at the following times:

Thursday 15.45-17.15 ERI, 32 Pritchatts Road

Thursday 17.45-19.15 SportEx

Thursday 18.45-20.15 Learning Centre, Computer Science, Gisbert Kapp, 52 Pritchatts, 54 Pritchatts Road, Hornton Grange, Winterbourne, Westmere, Garth House

Friday 07.15-08.45 University House (Business School), Cedar House, Ash House, Beech House

Also, Solidus Call Centre Software will be out of service until 08:30 Thursday morning.

The following lifts remain faulty:

University Centre goods lift
Gisbert Kapp Building floor goods lift no. 3
3 Elms Road lift

In advance of each of our planned shutdowns over the next couple of days, lifts will be isolated approximately 30 minutes in advance and restored post event, so normal use can be made of all lifts until they are taken out of service. We have made our lift contractor aware of the risk periods and will respond to any unplanned outages in support as previous.

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