The Philosophy department is delighted to announce the appointment of three new Birmingham Fellows. The University of Birmingham launched its Birmingham Fellow scheme last year. Through this scheme, the University is seeking outstanding candidates that would completement excellence at Birmingham. These positions are permanent positions which begin with a focus on research. Last year, through this University-wide competition, we were able to appoint Dr Alistair Wilson.

This year, we were even more successful. We are now able to announce that we have been able to appoint three new Birmingham Fellows. Dr Jeremy Williams (pictured), who was previously a Leverhulme fellow, will begin in his new role in January 2013.  His research interests are in moral and political philosophy and in applied ethics. Dr Nicholas Jones (previously at Merton College, Oxford and King's College, London) will begin in September 2013. He specialises in metaphysics, logic, and philosophy of language. The third Birmingham Fellow will be Dr Justin Clarke-Doane (previously Monash University and NYU) who specializes in the philosophical problems concerning a priori knowledge in areas such as mathematics, logic, modality, and ethics.

These three appointments will strengthen the department significantly and we all look forward to welcoming our new fellows.