Build your own rocket, drop an egg safely on the ground by constructing your own landing device, and take part in some solar viewing at the University of Birmingham’s open event on Saturday 10th March from 10am – 4pm.

The event features many activities and workshops, suitable for all ages, at the University’s School of Physics and Astronomy including lectures about planets and extraterrestrial life. Dr Ian Stevens will talk about the science behind the search for exoplanets – planets that orbit around stars other than our Sun. The first exoplanet was discovered 15 years ago and now several hundred are known, all very different in shape and size. He will discuss how astronomers go about finding planets and the implications of extrasolar planets on the search for life in the Universe. Dr Samuel George will also give a lecture on big radio telescopes, the hunt for places where alien life could exist and how crucial the Earth’s magnetic field is for our existence.

Other activities will include simulating the way space scientists have managed to successfully land scientific instruments on to the surface of Mars and a ‘construct, decorate and fly’ your own rocket competition.

Entrance to the event is free, and registration to some workshops will be on a first-come first served basis. Visit for further information.


For further information
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