Previous degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Department of Russian, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, in Korea 

Before studying with CREES, I worked in Hyundai-Kia automotive company, a leading global organization. I was mainly in charge of overseas sales and export for Russia, East Europe and CIS countries, so my responsibility was related to developing sales strategies and effective coordination operation management for these regions.  It was necessary to monitor economic and policy changes in Russia and CIS countries to boost sales and improve brand identity in each countries according to proper strategy. 

Through working with Russian industry, I have developed an interest and passion for this particular country and that I wanted to become a key liaison between Russia and other countries.

To this regard, I am convinced that the program of CREES suits my goals and aspiration since CREES is an ideal department with a long history and a good reputation in this field.

Also, I think that CRESS will not only broaden understanding of Russian studies by various modules including economy, politics, history and so on, but will also prepare me with a language skill for my ultimate goal.

CREES's program contains a good balance, so it encourages students to build a foundation and broaden evenly understanding of Russian and Eastern European, CIS region studies. CREES has a very international group of students, so it is possible to share a variety of views on this study. I really like the location of CREES where it is at the heart of the University."

Through studying with CREES, I would like to become a consultant in the field of Russia and its related areas such as the government, international affairs and social changes.

To those who are considering studying with CREES, I would encourage them to actively interact with lecturers and find out as much information as possible.