Forensic psychology is a constantly growing discipline, both as a profession for graduates and in terms of student interest. This book highlights the often sizable gap between the media myths surrounding forensic practice and reality. Graham Davies (University of Leicester) and Anthony Beech (University of Birmingham) present an exciting and broad range of topics within the field including detailed treatments of the causes of crime, investigative methods, the trial process, and interventions with different types of offenders and offences.

Forensic Psychology book cover

Written by a mix of leading senior researchers and younger academics, Forensic Psychology draws on a wealth of experience in this popular subject area to produce a new edition that will interest and enthuse today’s generation of students. For the second edition, this book has been greatly expanded, enabling coverage to be extended to new and growing areas of forensic practice. Forensic Psychology is also now part of the BPS Blackwell series – the only series to be approved by the British Psychological Society.

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