The latest book by Birmingham Law School Lecturer Dr Stephen Smith was published in February by Cambridge University Press. Entitled End-of-Life Decisions in Medical Care: Principles and Policies for Regulating the Dying Process, the book is the 18th title in their Cambridge Bioethics and Law series.

Photo of the cover of Dr Stephen Smith - End-of-life decisions in medical care

The publisher's description:

Those involved in end-of-life decision making must take into account both legal and ethical issues. This book starts with a critical reflection of ethical principles including ideas such as moral status, the value of life, acts and omissions, harm, autonomy, dignity and paternalism. It then explores the practical difficulties of regulating end-of-life decisions, focusing on patients, healthcare professionals, the wider community and issues surrounding 'slippery slope' arguments. By evaluating the available empirical evidence, the author identifies preferred ways to regulate decisions and minimise abuses at the end of life, and outlines an ethical theory which can provide practical guidance for those engaged in end-of-life decisions.

Cambridge Bioethics and Law series:

About the author:

Dr Stephen W. Smith teaches Bioethics at the University of Birmingham, UK. He specialises in medico-ethical issues at the end of life and  has given papers at seminars and international conferences in Sydney, Manchester, Toronto, London and Birmingham.