Kataryna Wolczuk (CREES) has been successful in winning ESRC funding for the project entitled ‘Russia and the EU in the Common Neighbourhood: Export of Governance and Legal (In)Compatibility‘ under the ‘Rising Powers’ call (under which 12 projects in total have been funded).

The project aims to explore how and with what effect Russia engages in the export of governance to the post-Soviet states in Europe and its implications for the EU's system of regional governance. The total funding of the project is just under £300,000 and duration is 3 years. The co-applicant is Dr Rilka Dragneva-Lewers (currently the Law School, the University of Manchester), who has just been appointed to the UoB (School of Law). Thus, the project will be fully based in the UoB.

The new project complements the existing ESRC-funded project on which Dr Wolczuk is a Principal Investigator and which examines the impact of the EU on domestic change in the post-Soviet countries (duration 2011-13).