The School of Education hosted what is a milestone in the development of the Shropshire Children’s University on 27 June 2012. The Shropshire Children's University is a part of the Children's University (CU), which is a national organisation. At Garth House, the first ever group of Gold Graduates were awarded their certificates at a ceremony attended by their proud teachers and parents as well by Professor Richard Dunnill, Director of Education at the School of Education.

The idea behind the Children’s University (CU) is to encourage children to develop new interests and join in new activities in and out of school. The CU provides some accreditation and quality assurance to recognise and celebrate our children’s achievements.

Every child uses a special ‘Passport to Learning’ to collect activity stamps each time they participate in an event or activity. As they get involved in more activities, they qualify for Bronze, Silver and Gold awards at different levels.

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