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In an article in the Guardian newspaper, a Unison survey reveals day centres have closed in 57% of areas, as independent report calls for major cultural shift in elderly care.

Elderly woman

Widespread closures and local authority cuts to day centres have led to a crisis in care for the elderly, an authoritative new report for Unison claims.  

A survey of social care workers in more than 100 areas of England, Wales and Scotland for the union – conducted by Dr Catherine Needham, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Public Management at the Health Services Management Centre – reveals that 57% have seen day centres close down. Services for elderly people were hardest hit, followed by those for people with learning and physical disabilities.

Read the full report: What is happening to day centre services? Voices from frontline staff (PDF)

Read the full Guardian article: 'Survey highlights crisis in care for the elderly', 18 June 2012.

This story was also covered in The Scotsman in their article: 'Budget cuts causing a crisis in care of the elderly, claims Union'