The Shakespeare Institute is delighted to announce that Dr Chris Laoutaris, currently of University College, London, will be taking up a Birmingham Fellowship at the Institute in the autumn of 2013. 

Two of these prestigious and much-sought-after awards for promising early-career researchers have been made to specialists in the literature and culture of the English Renaissance. Dr Joe Wallace, currently of the University of North Carolina, will be joining the English department at Edgbaston to continue his work in seventeenth-century studies. Dr Laoutaris, meanwhile, who already has an impressive record of publications on Shakespeare and his early modern contexts, and has held a postdoctoral fellowship from the British Academy, will be based at the Institute, where he will be working primarily on Team Shakespeare, a new study of the fellow-actors and patrons who between them gave the world the First Folio edition of Shakespeare’s plays in 1623.

Dr Laoutaris’ publications include Shakespearean Maternities (Edinburgh, 2008); a chapter on early modern female historians and translators; articles on Elizabethan art; and essays on members of the Essex circle. In 2013 Penguin Books will be publishing his Shakespeare and the Countess, a study of the playwright’s dealings with Lady Elizabeth Russell, whose opposition to the Burbages’ theatrical enterprises in Shoreditch prompted the Lord Chamberlain’s Men to build the Globe.

We are delighted that this innovative and energetic young scholar and poet will be continuing his already distinguished career at the Shakespeare Institute.