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Hopefully some of you remember BUMS fondly from your time here at Metallurgy and Materials. This year we have tried to kick start the society and get all students involved in our activities!

The traditional wine and cheese event took place at the beginning of term with great success with a large proportion of first year students coming along. It was a great opportunity for students across all cohorts (sports materials, nuclear materials, mechanical materials and materials and metallurgy) to come together and get to know each other as well as talk to staff.


As well as the wine and cheese event we have organised nights out and bowling with BUMS members.

Socially we will be organising many more events across the year, including a Christmas party and excitingly a materials ball in the Summer term. Historically the materials ball was the highlight of the social calendar for BUMS members and we hope to make this true once again and for years to come!

In the future we look to create a dedicated careers role within the society in order to help connect BUMS with industry and alumni. We would be focusing on industrial trips to companies of interest and a question and answer session with alumni. It would be fantastic to hear from alumni of the department to gain a clearer idea of who would be interested in the Q&A session and also any alumni that could recommend their workplaces for industrial visits.

If you would like to get in contact with ideas or to get involved with anything mentioned above please feel free to email: or

Or alternatively, join our Facebook group to keep up to date with BUMS!

Thank you,
Geena and Vicky (Presidents)