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Name: Catherine Banks

Course: Accounting & Finance

Before applying for the program, I had a clear career direction of becoming a Chartered Accountant and hopefully specialising in audit. I was hoping that my mentor would provide insights into the world of work and use it to help me get an internship.

Over the past few months, I have had email contact with my mentor, as well as several phone calls. My mentor gave me a lot of advice, being very honest about his experiences and how I could improve.

I have got to the final stages of two application processes, and have a summer internship with EDF Energy in Internal Audit. I believe that my mentor really contributed to me getting so far in both processes. He gave me insight into what employers may be looking for and helped me from his own experiences. My mentor provided advice for making myself attractive to potential employers. This experience has also helped me think about how to get the most out of my summer internship.

I have both really enjoyed this experience and really benefitted from it too. Thank you for this opportunity. I would really recommend it to all students.