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Professor Chris Oliver, Dr Jo Moss and Dr Debbie Allen have been awarded a grant from the ESRC in partnership with Cerebra. The project is part of the ESRC's knowledge exchange scheme and will enable the development of a website resource for parents, carers and professionals working with children and adults with six rare genetic syndromes including; Cornelia de Lange, Angelman, Cri du Chat, Smith Magenis, Prader Willi and Fragile X syndromes.

Working alongside Cerebra and the syndrome group charities that support affected individuals and their families, Chris Oliver's team will produce a unique resource which will improve the efficiency of research dissemination to these user communities and provide much needed information to professionals, who may have limited experience of working with these rare syndromes. The team have been awarded £95,000 from the ESRC and £40,000 from Cerebra over twelve months to complete this project.

For more information about the Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders please visit www.birmingham.ac.uk/cndd.