The Philosophy department is delighted to announce that 49 students are graduating with BA in Philosophy this year.

We are especially proud of the ten students who gained a First Class degree and of the 35 students who receive an Upper Second Class degree. The degree ceremony for this year's graduates will be held on Thursday 11 July. We would also like to congratulate all the Joint Honours philosophy students who are graduating this year.

Especial congratulations go to

  • Hannah Silcock who won the ETC Squire prize,
  • Naomi Arnold and Jamie Taylor who won the Janet Squire prize,
  • Jamie Taylor, Yasemin Mustafa and Norma Robertson who won the Mary Talbot prize,
  • Alex Jones, Emma Roberts and Amanda Moorghen who won the Roger Chance prize, and
  • Eleanor Smith and Jessica McCabe who won the Sonnenscien prize!