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Ana with Prof. Huber and Prof. Michel, Nobel Laureates (1988) in Chemistry.

Dr Ana B. Caballero, a postdoctoral researcher in Prof. Mike Hannon’s group, was one of the lucky researchers who got the chance to participate in this unique meeting, after passing several national and international selection processes. The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (LNLM) has been held every year since since 1951. The main objective of these meetings is to bring together significant numbers of Nobel Laureates to meet and engage with younger scientists from around the world. This year the LNLM was dedicated to Chemistry and 34 Nobel Laureates congregated in Lindau, with 625 researchers from 78 countries.

Ana had the great opportunity to hear and discuss science with many Nobel Prize winners, as well engage with other young researchers from a broad range of backgrounds. During this trip, she was invited to present her work at a satellite event organized by Bayer, where she received the First Prize for her poster entitled “DNA-targeted multimodal gold nanoparticles: Towards a new generation of theragnostic anticancer agents“