Photo of the DAAD cup football match

On 13 April 2013, our two brilliant football teams FC Bayern Brümchen and Werder Brumen, and their DAAD-Lektorin, Dorothee Sachse, travelled to London to compete in the famous 10th DAAD Sauerkraut Cup Tournament. We were happy to be accompanied by many passionate supporters from the Language Department!

This inter-university football tournament aims to promote the study of German alongside giving participating students an opportunity to network with other students. In previous years the event has attracted media coverage and even a sports celebrity. Ultimately, the aim is to bring together German students whilst highlighting the continued interest and passion for studying German. This year seventeen formidable teams from German Departments across the UK took part in the competition, with a total of two hundred people taking part!

The grey weather did not dampen spirits and the atmosphere was one of excitement. FC Bayern Brümchen made it into the quarter-final! In this exciting match they had to play the team entered by our generous sponsors Bavarian Beerhouse, who have a reputation for skill and determination. Despite our team’s best effort including some excellent defending and several goal attempts, our contender Bavarian Beerhouse scored a dramatic goal and won the match.

To conclude a great day, we returned to our sponsors’ venue, The Bavarian Beerhouse to quench our thirst and analyze the match. There was a great atmosphere and teams soon mingled with their former competitors from earlier in the day! During the evening the deserving winners from The Sheffield University German Department raised the Sauerkraut Cup to cheers.

The twenty-five students who came to London represented our department brilliantly not just on the pitch but throughout the whole day and we all had a great time.

Strengthening German Language Education Through Football!