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Dr Alexander Orakhelashvili presented a paper on the impact of unilateral sanctions on the UN collective security framework, at the conference on "Sanctions relatives à la Non-Prolifération Nucléaire: Evaluation et appréciation des exigences et des conséquences" organised on 3 June by Academie Geopolitique de Paris and held at Senate in the Palace of Luxembourg. 

Dr Orakhelashvili's paper concentrated on the duplication of sanctions policies in relation to Iran and Syria, especially through the adoption of different sanctions programmes by UN and EU. The principal issues discussed in the paper included the legal basis of these sanctions under constituent instruments of relevant international organisations and under general international law, especially in terms of the law of countermeasures. The paper also concentrated on legal and policy implications of duplication of the sanctions framework from the perspective of both authors of sanctions and of target States.

Dr Alexander Orakhelashvili has taught and researched public international law at four British universities over the past 10 years. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences and seminars on developments in public international law, and has provided legal advice regarding public international law issues in litigation before English and American courts. He is the author of Collective Security and the editor of Research Handbook On The Theory And History Of International Law.