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Dr Robin May, recipient of the 2013 Colworth Award, will give a presentation at the forthcoming Biochemical Society Award Symposium on 21 February 2013 at Charles Darwin house, London. Dr May’s Lecture will be published exclusively in Biochemical Society Transactions.

Dr Robin May

The Colworth Medal is a prestigious annual award for outstanding research by a young biochemist of any nationality who has carried out the majority of their work in the UK. Donated in 1963 by Unilever Research Colworth Laboratory, the award is made to a scientist under the age of 35 by 1 January of the year prior to presentation. The recipient is expected to give a lecture at a conference of the Society and one at Unilever Research Laboratories. The Biochemical Society, the UK’s largest discipline based learned society in the biosciences.

Dr May's research centres on human infectious diseases, with a particular focus on the molecular basis of host-pathogen interactions. Visit the May lab pages here

White blood cell, infected with the fungus Cryptococcus