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Dr Rosa Freedman's major work on the UN Human Rights Council, The UN Human Rights Council - a critique and early assessment, will be celebrated at a launch party to be held at the UN Library in Geneva at the end of May.

Hosted jointly by the UN Cultural Committee and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the event will take place on the second day of the 23rd session of the UNHRC, when government ministers attend the Council for a High Level Segment. It is hoped that the lunchtime event, including a talk and a Q&A session, will be attended by a mix of government delegates and ministers, UN officials, Special Rapporteurs, and representatives from NGOs. The UN bookshop is now selling copies of the monograph.

Routledge published the book in March. It examines the creation and formative years of the United Nations Human Rights Council and assesses the extent to which the Council has fulfilled its mandate.

Dr Freedman teaches International Human Rights Law at Birmingham and has written for the Guardian, the Huffington Post and UK Human Rights Blog.