Suzuki GB PLC is a Japanese multinational corporation which specialises in manufacturing automobiles, four-wheel drive vehicles and motorcycles. Elisabeth Coad worked as a marketing intern on the launch of the company’s newest crossover car.

Elisabeth’s internship lasted four weeks in the summer of 2013 and was supported by the university’s UK Professional Bursary which she used to relocate to Milton Keynes for the internship.

As part of her role, Elisabeth helped set up the launch of the new car at the bi-annual conference at the Heritage Motor Museum and assisted with a photo shoot in Glasgow for the car brochures. As well as working on big events she also helped in the office doing tasks such as filling out purchase orders and logging press releases.

Elisabeth enjoyed working for a well-established company and being given the independence and responsibility to work within her role. The ability to travel to Glasgow with the company was an added bonus for Elisabeth and she got to see how working in marketing does allow you to travel.

From this internship Elisabeth has gained the skills to work in a team and how to communicate in a professional manner with her colleagues, which will help her in future jobs. It has also given her the confidence when applying for jobs after she graduates and feels she will be able to communicate better with employers in the future.

"I found every aspect of the internship interesting and feel I learnt a lot about the corporate environment and how a business is run on a day-to-day basis."

"I feel that I made some strong friendships during my time at Suzuki with the entire marketing department and I networked a lot with managers and directors of the business."

"My confidence in general has improved greatly as I am now not intimidated by the idea of interviews, internships and getting a job."

"Elisabeth committed herself to join Suzuki at a crucial and busy time for our Marketing Department. With the impending launch of an important car, there was a need to support a large number of projects and events which were essential to its success."