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Oxford University Press (OUP) is the largest university printing press in the world and is a department of the University of Oxford. Publishing in over 40 languages, both print and digital, OUP cover an extremely broad academic and educational spectrum. Ella’s four-week internship was in the company’s largest division, the English Language Teaching Division (ELT), being a proof-reader for all their workbooks, audios, videos, answer keys and apps.

Ella’s internship lasted four weeks during the summer of 2013 and was supported by the UK Professional Internship Bursary, without which she would not have been able to complete the internship.

As well as proof-reading, Ella’s job roles also included: page formatting, transcribing DVD clips, attending conference calls and meetings with the Arts Editors, plus many tasks that involved using specialised publishing software.

Ella particularly enjoyed excelling at her internship and finding not only something she enjoyed but something that she was good at. Also the fact that OUP is a non-profit company made the experience more enjoyable for Ella as she knew that the work she was doing would benefit thousands of students worldwide.

At the end of her placement Ella was offered paid-work by the company and she now currently works for the company as a freelancer during her final year of studies. Ella also now feels confident enough to apply for other roles in publishing after she graduates and has made contacts at the company who have said they will vouch for her in future applications.

"I most enjoyed finding something I was good at, and enjoyed doing. Before my placements, I had absolutely no previous publishing experience. However, from day one, I enjoyed every task that was thrown my way."

"Everyone was passionate about the work they were doing, enthusiastic about their jobs, and not simply in it to make sales. This was undoubtedly inspiring and encouraging!"

"I sometimes found the tasks I was given quite challenging – especially those that involved computer applications I had never used before. But I learned that it was OK to ask questions, as long as they were well thought out, and I made sure to write everything down, so that I would not have to ask twice."

"My internship has undoubtedly enabled me to be able to make informed decisions when applying for jobs after I graduate. I now have an understanding of the different jobs within a publishing house, the roles and responsibilities they involve, and the career paths they open on to."

"Ella has undertaken a wide variety of editorial on a broad range of both print and digital components destined for both adult and secondary schools segments of different global markets. She has completed all these tasks in an exemplary fashion: swiftly, with excellent attention to detail and to a very high standard. She has worked autonomously and been proactive in her approach, and communicated very effectively with different stakeholders. She has been a great help to the editorial teams she has worked with, and will be remembered also for her very positive, cheerful and friendly disposition."