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Cerebra have confirmed renewed funding for the The Cerebra Centre for Neurodevelopmental Disorders for six years from 2014. The work of the Centre focuses on the cognitive, emotional and behavioural disorders experienced by children and young adults with intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and genetic syndromes. Cerebra also awarded a second grant to the Centre to develop a line of research in sleep disorders. The total funding of £1.2 million, will enable the Centre to translate findings from the first programme grant into effective interventions and embark on a range of dissemination activities.

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One of the main goals of the Centre is to train undergraduate and postgraduate students in translational research methods and six PhD studentships will be offered during the funding period. The Centre will continue to offer placements to psychology undergraduates and Masters students who want to develop skills in this area in preparation for careers in clinical and educational services as well as research. Placements offer students direct contact with children with neurodevelopmental disorders in an academic setting where they can practice applying the principles of psychology to real world problems.