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Jemima was a first year Ancient and Medieval History student when she decided to apply for a part-time marketing internship with Barefoot Birmingham alongside her studies. Jemima was attracted to the opportunity to gain experience in preparation for applying for insight days and further work experience. The opportunity to work within an SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) environment with a consumer-facing product was one that she really engaged with.

Jemima tells you a bit more about the internship:

"The application process was an email to Faye (Founder of Barefoot) and then a short interview. The interview was quite informal but Faye and I had a great chat about the studio and everything that I thought we should do with social media to promote the enterprise."

"Initially I went to Barefoot each Saturday morning but after a few weeks it was very flexible. I supported the enterprise by actively monitoring their social media channels, advising on best practise and studying other examples from which we could learn how to improve our own presence. Faye allowed me to come to yoga classes for free so often we would chat about it when I was in the studio for those."

"I think the biggest achievement was reaching 500 likes and seeing the page's reach increase beyond that! We suddenly realised that people were coming because of what they'd seen on our Facebook and Twitter profiles and that was really exciting. We ran a promotion via Facebook in the New Year that was a real catalyst for this engagement and many who came for the free class (a reward for liking us on Facebook) subsequently signed up to a membership."

"I definitely developed skills related to running my own business. Understanding the challenges a start-up can face, how to engage with business owners, how to develop a marketing strategy and implement it, measuring that strategy based on brand awareness insights and then strengthening your strategy as a result of it. All really exciting things that I would never have learnt elsewhere!"

"As result of my internship I realised that I'm quite business minded and fairly entrepreneurial in my approach to things. This confirmed that I would want to work in the private sector within a competitive environment. I began to look for opportunities and applied to Ernst and Young for their Leadership Academy over the Easter break. Thousands apply and so I didn't think I had a chance but I was successful and one of the main reasons was my experience at Barefoot and running my own business."

"In January a few other people who use therapy rooms in the studio asked me to offer them consultancy with their digital strategy. I worked with 5 clients over the remaining six months and I also joined the Chartered Institute of Marketing's West Midlands Committee where I advised on their social media strategy. My aim now is to set up my company, Tweet Like Follow Friend as an agency. I am currently recruiting for the Academy programme which aims to train young people and give them the skills to be more employable. I am seeking to become a social enterprise as well as I really believe that businesses should give back and be a part of the communities that created them."