Birmingham Fellow Dr Justin Clarke-Doane to present at the 2013 Wisconsin Metaethics Workshop.

We are delighted to hear that Clarke-Doane's paper 'Debunking Arguments: Genealogical and Explanatory' has been accepted for Professor Russ Shafer-Landau's tenth annual metaethics workshop. The competition for the places on the programme of this prestigious event is always fierce. Around 150 abstracts are submitted each year. This year's workshop is held 27-29 September. The key note speaker will be Jamie Dreier (Brown University) and other speakers include Elizabeth Harman (Princeton), David Copp (UC-Davis), Connie Rosati (Arizona), and Alison Hills (Oxford). As usual, more than 100 people are expected to attend this wonderful event at Madison. The papers from the workshop will also be published in Oxford University Press' Oxford Studies in Metaethics series. Congratulations Justin!