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"I applied for the internship with McCann because I’ve always been interested in Communications and have some previous work experience in PR so as soon as I saw the vacancy I knew I had to apply. McCann really appealed to me as it is a company with a global name and I wanted to get experience with an agency rather than with an in-house PR team.

"During my time at McCann I worked in various departments around the office which made my experience very varied. I worked on B2B PR with companies such as Reed, Eversheds and Npower; media selling; speaking to journalists and writing press releases. I then created social media content for B2C relationships with Old Jamaica and Black and Decker. I also completed a lot of research; helped out with publications; created a storyboard for Npower and secured online coverage for Reed through SEO work.

"My main achievement was doing a really complicated story sell-in for Eversheds law firm. To be brief, the story was about law students needing to become more business and technology savvy, and how global education programs can help facilitate this (something I had no prior knowledge of before this placement). Not only did I exceed the coverage targets, but I made a great contact with a trade publication that enabled us to collaborate and tailor the release for a future issue. I had to really get to grips with the challenging subject matter, sell it, and work together with the journalist to create a feature which was beneficial for both of us.

"The internship has proved to me that I would definitely want to work in an area of Communications in the future but that I would also like to broaden my experiences and try certain aspects of marketing as well."

"Meggan is very intelligent and we instantly trusted her to work on big clients and B2B relationships. She brought a high level of maturity to the internship which meant she could deal with every aspect of the role and was actually quite fearless when it came to jumping in and getting on with things.

"Taking on interns enables us to create personal and professional links to current students (and ultimately graduates). They also show our loyalty to the region's higher education and also brings in the next generation to the industry." Nicola, McCann PR