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Name: Melissa Corrigan 

Course: Business Management with Year in Industry

Initially, I thought the scheme was more course and subject based and that I would mainly gain advice and insight on how better to get where I aim to be. However, this was only a small element of the advice and knowledge I gained in having a mentor. Even from the first meeting, I learned more about myself and how I am able to network and some of the other skills I have that I didn’t even realise. Jonathan allowed me to look at my past experiences in a more positive way and how even the small activities benefits me, even down to socialising and organising things with friends. The Mentoring Scheme really helped me and I feel as though Jonathan is a person who is really there for me if I need advice and I feel as though I have gained a friend through the process. He is truly interested in what I achieve and we often email with updates as well as him forwarding information which he feels will help me. Without Jonathan’s advice and guidance, I don’t think I would feel as confident in myself as I do now, along with going for a week’s work experience and taking part in mentoring myself. He has taught me a lot about myself as well as how to look at the industry I want to go into. It is a great experience to be part of.