Few cinematic figures are more controversial – or misunderstood – than the Spanish-born Mexican filmmaker Luis Buñuel (1900–1983). Condemned by the Vatican, exiled by Spain’s Franco dictatorship, winner of an American academy award, celebrated by the French New Wave, this creator of cinematic Surrealism is widely hailed as one of the most original directors in the history of film.

Companion to Luis Bunuel

In celebration of this figure Wiley-Blackwell has recently published A Companion to Luis Buñuel, co-edited by B-Film’s Professor Rob Stone with Dr Julián Daniel Gutiérrez Albilla of the University of Southern California. The volume presents an extensive collection of critical readings that examines myriad facets of Buñuel’s life, works, and cinematic themes.

With contributions from many of the world’s most distinguished film experts and emerging young scholars on Buñuel and Surrealism, the multidisciplinary readings offer new approaches to his films that reflect and challenge recent developments in the humanities and contemporary film studies while remaining faithful to the paradoxical, ambivalent, and heterogeneous nature of Buñuel’s work. In-depth analysis of the contribution of Buñuel to Spanish, French, and Mexican cinema, utilizing a wide range of original textual, theoretical, and historical approaches, is offered on topics ranging from Buñuel’s fascination with firearms and insects to his portrayals of feminine sexuality, Surrealism, and violence. A Companion to Luis Buñuel offers bold new insights to help shape our understanding of the enigmatic genius of one of the giants of World cinema.

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'A Companion to Luis Buñuel is an extraordinarily broad and detailed portrait of the master filmmaker, boasting contributions by some of the very best scholars in film studies.' (Paul Julian Smith, City University of New York)

'This multifaceted volume has a knack for shaking up received ideas. Thoroughly rethinking Buñuel, it sets his films free to make their own transformative meanings.' (Chris Perriam, University of Manchester)

'Drawing on the expertise of international scholars from different disciplines, A Companion to Luis Buñuel delivers challenging readings worthy of their enthralling subject. The scope and originality of these essays greatly enrich discussion of Buñuel’s films.' (Isabel Santaolalla, University of Roehampton)