Effingham Ontology

Dr Nikk Effingham's new textbook entitled An Introduction to Ontology is now out on Polity. In this engaging and wide-ranging textbook, Nikk provides an accessible introduction to the study of one of the most fundamental philosophical questions concerning what there is.

His book covers the most up-to-date philosophical literature on the existence of material objects, properties, numbers, possible worlds, space and time, and even works of music. It also considers methodological questions about how we should proceed in this area of enquiry. The book is suitable for advanced undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and other readers interested in the state of the subject.

"This is a delightful introduction, both to various ontological topics and to the general aims and methods of ontology itself. Effingham writes with an informal style and a lightness of touch that makes even the more esoteric and technical issues come alive, and the book is an instructive joy to read." Helen Beebee, University of Manchester

"Nikk Effingham has done a terrific job - he provides fine, clear introductions to a range of important debates, woven through with methodological reflections, whilst his chatty, engaging style conveys the sheer pleasure of becoming an ontologist." Katherine Hawley, University of St Andrews