Dr. Salahadin Adrwish  

Research Fellow

Research interests in the daily running of the Ross Barlow (the first hydrogen fuel cell narrow canal boat). Dr. Adrwish also conducts research into the latest climate change technologies for implementation into our lecture series and educates the general public about the future of our planet.

Magnus Jack Anderson

Research Fellow

Post doc researcher in the PRISM2 process modelling group in the netshape forming laboratory which simulates manufacturing processes and material behaviour. Mangus recently graduated from the University of Strathclyde where he worked as a Research Assistant in the Advanced Forming Research Centre.


Dr. Surya Pandita

Research Fellow

I am the lead-research on an EU funded project on the deployment of composite materials for marine application (MOSAIC).  I work in collaboration with Dr Mayorkinos Papaelias and Prof. Gerard Fernando. 

Kathleen Waldron

Project Support Administrator

I have worked at the University of Birmingham for 10 years in the Department of Primary Care & General Practice, as a Research Administrator, in stroke research recruiting patients and following them through until the end of the study. I was a PA and secretary to the Cardiovascular team, Short Course Administrator promoting anticoagulation courses and Diabetes (ETC) and a Project Officer to the Behavioural Medicine team and am a fully trained  Stop Smoking Advisor. 

Other new staff include:

  • David Burnard, Research Associate
  • Mary McAuley, Project Officer