The School of Chemical Engineering has made a number of excellent appointments over the past couple of months:


Dr Pola Goldberg Oppenheimer
Birmingham Fellow
Advanced Academic Research Fellow

Dr Oppenheimer’s research interests lie in nano and submicron structure formation at surfaces and in thin films, including pioneering the potential use of hierarchical electrohydrodynamically generated functional structures to develop novel polymer-based nano-detection devices. She brings detailed expertise in creating and aligning a wide range of nanostructures in polymers, carbon nanotube-based nanocomposites, crystalline materials and a synergistic interest in biomimetics, including the use of polymers with 10-nm morphologies as templates to create inorganic functional devices.

Research Themes:
• Novel Lithographic Techniques
• New Bio-Nanomaterials for Therapeutics and Health Care
• Structural Nanotechnology
• Biommimetics
• Structured Carbon Nanotubes & Graphene- Based Devices
• Combining Soft & Hard Matter

Other appointments include:
• Dr Alessio Alexiadis, Lecturer
• Miss Jennifer Bradbeer, Research Fellow
• Ms Helen Brannon, Research Fellow
• Professor Yulong Ding, Chamberlain Chair
• Dr Ping Ding, Research Fellow
• Miss Brygida Dzidek, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
• Mr Daniel Edwards, Teaching Fellow
• Dr Anita Ghag, Lecturer
• Dr Ourania Gouseti, Research Fellow
• Dr Ian Hamilton, Research Fellow
• Dr Robin Hancocks, Research Fellow
• Mrs Yu Hu, KTP Associate
• Dr Ramaiyan Kannan, Marie Curie Fellow
• Mrs Yaneth Lavelle, Teaching Support Administrator
• Dr Rafael Orozco, Research Fellow
• Mr Tom Standring, Research Fellow