The School of Computer Science has made a number of excellent appointments over the past couple of months:


Dr Aba-Sah Dadzie
Research Fellow

Research themes:
• Human-Computer Interaction
• Information Visualisation
• Visual Analytics
• Web-based Technology
• Small, Smart & Mobile devices — User Interface design and development

Dr Andrew Gargett
Marie Curie Experienced Researcher

Research themes:
• Natural language processing: generation of figurative language, especially metaphor
• Corpus linguistics: the relationship between figurative language and multi-word expressions; situated dialogue (e.g. task-based dialogues in virtual worlds); technology for language documentation
• Artificial intelligence: modelling cognitive phenomena by combining knowledge-intensive and data-intensive techniques
• General linguistics: phonology and phonetics of segmental and prosodic phenomena in Gulf Arabic; interaction between syntactic and prosodic systems; specific dialogue phenomena (up to now: feedback, repair, intonation); forms of person reference across languages; figurative language (especially metaphor and metonymy)
• Research languages: Australian Aboriginal languages; Arabic; Languages of Sulawesi

Dr Neelakantan Krishnaswami
Birmingham Fellow

Dr Krishnaswami is a Birmingham Fellow in the Theory Group. Prior to that he was a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, working with Derek Dreyer and at Microsoft Research, working with Nick Benton.

Other appointments include:
• Mr Maxime Adjible, Robotics Engineer
• Mrs Samantha Furamera, PA to Head of School and School Operations Officer
• Mr Ivan Gazeau, Research Fellow
• Mr Emsaieb Geepalla, Research Fellow
• Mr Matthijs Melissen, Research Fellow
• Mrs Atieh Mirshahvalad , Research Fellow
• Mrs Norihan Mohd-Taib, School Research Support Administrator
• Dr Chunyan Mu, Research Fellow
• Dr Viktor Pekar, Research Fellow
• Yuan Shen, Research Fellow