The School of Metallurgy & Materials has made a number of excellent appointments over the past couple of months:


Dr Mark Laver
Birmingham Fellow

Dr Mark Laver is a Birmingham Fellow in the School of Metallurgy and Materials. His research explores the nature and development of functional materials, namely magnetostrictive and multiferroic materials, thermoelectrics and superconductors. These investigations frequently employ and progress state-of-the-art scattering techniques available at large international facilities. Mark has a relatively high publication rate, averaging over 7 articles per year, of which at least 2 per year appear in high-profile journals.

Research themes:
• Magnetostriction
• Nanostructuring of thermoelectrics
• Multiferroic materials
• Flux lines in superconductors
• Magnetic nanoparticles
• Correlated electrons and superconductivity
• Frustrated magnetism

Other appointments include:
• Dr Luke Carter, Research Fellow
• Mr Malik Degri, Research Associate
• Mr Andrew Du Plessis, Research Fellow
• Mr Enrique Herraiz, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
• Miss Yun Jiang, Research Fellow
• Mr Christian Jönsson, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher
• Mr Christoph Karl, Materials Development Project Leader
• Mr Richard Sheridan, Research Fellow
• Mr Yogesh Sovani, Research Fellow/Computational Engineer
• Dr Linhai Tian, Marie Curie Research Fellow
• Mr Lei Zhou, Research Fellow