Carmelite Chambers is one of the longest established and largest sets of chambers in the United Kingdom, specialising in all areas of Criminal Law but with a particular emphasis upon serious fraud and financial crime. Rebecca Cross worked at the high profile chambers as a mini-pupil shadowing two barristers in court.

The internship was for two weeks in September 2013 and Rebecca was supported by the UK Professional Bursary which allowed her to work in London.

Rebecca had a variety of roles at the chambers where she read through skeleton arguments for a very interesting Committal Hearing. As well as sorting through paperwork she also had the opportunity to attend conferences with the clients of a case and was involved with the court hearings.

During her placement, Rebecca enjoyed the buzz that she had each morning knowing that she was going into work and something new and exciting would happen with the case she was working on. She had an intense look at what happens during court cases and what the role of a barrister entails.

Having a mini-pupillage on her CV means that now Rebecca is able to apply for a full pupillage and stand out from other applications. Her internship also demonstrated to her what it is like working with barristers and that this chambers is one that is suited to her interests in law.

"I feel my main achievement was being able to pick up the facts of the case, and keeping abreast of the situation in Court as it rapidly unfolded."

"I feel I made a good impression with the lawyers engaging in conversation with me about the case and my questions about the legal profession in general."

"By asking questions, passing notes to the barristers and other mini-pupils, and conversing with the clerks and clients I have developed my communication skills."

"Rebecca is bright, engaging and very interested in the law and practice at the Bar. Rebecca was courteous at all times and acquitted herself well when representing Chambers at the back of Court and in front of the client Solicitors and the lay-clients in post hearing conferences."