At the end of January Cambridge University Press published the latest work by Birmingham Law School's Professor Andrew Sanders, Professor of Criminal Law and Criminology and currently Head of School.

Cover photo of Bioethics, Medicine and the Criminal Law, Andrew Sanders and Danielle Griffiths (ed)

Bioethics, Medicine and the Criminal Law is co-edited with Dr Danielle Griffiths of the University of Manchester and is part of CUP's Medicine, Crime and Society series.

The publisher's description:

In recent years, debates have arisen concerning the encroachment of the criminal process in regulating fatal medical error, the implementation of the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 and the recent release of the Director of Public Prosecution's assisted suicide policy. Consequently, questions have been raised regarding the extent to which such intervention helps, or if it in fact hinders, the sustained development of medical practice. In this collection, Danielle Griffiths and Andrew Sanders explore the operation of the criminal process in healthcare in the UK as well as in other jurisdictions, including the USA, Australia, New Zealand, France and the Netherlands. Using evidence from previous cases alongside empirical data, each essay engages the reader with the debate surrounding what the appropriate role of the criminal process in healthcare should be and aims to clarify and shape policy and legislation in this under-researched area.

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