The Bramall Music Building won a RIBA Awards 2013, the most rigorously-judged awards for architectural excellence.

Bramall Music Building

Reasons for the award

"The architects of the new Bramall Music Building chose to complete Aston Webb's early 20th century masterplan of the university's seminal buildings in the style of the original.

The building provides accommodation for the whole of the university's music department and includes a 450-seat auditorium. The most striking elements of the original design were kept. A thorough understanding of the geometry and detailed construction of the existing buildings, with great attention to detail and materials has resulted in a very successful modern reinterpretation of the byzantine building's style. The architects also cleverly inserted an additional floor of accommodation into the available volume.

The real tour de force is the main concert hall. This remarkable space is designed to be fully flexible to accommodate any kind of musical performance."