A new Technology Alliance Partner agreement has been established between laboratories within the School of Biosciences and Thermo Fisher Scientific to accelerate research in high-resolution accurate mass and triple quadrupole liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) for life science applications.

The alliance will focus on metabolomics and proteomics and will build upon the Univeristy's Systems Science for Health (SSfH) initiative, working with Professor Mark Viant and Dr Warwick Dunn to test new hardware and software approaches for metabolite detection and identification for environmental and clinical research. The SSfH initiative spans three of the five Colleges at the University, with the necessary critical density and complementary expertise to focus multiple disciplines towards several linked goals:

  • to better understand mechanisms of disease
  • to expedite the discovery of novel biomarkers of disease
  • to derive novel targets for therapy
  • to characterise susceptibility and responsiveness to treatment

Thermo Fisher Scientific will also work with Dr Helen Cooper’s lab to exploit high-resolution mass spectrometry and gas-phase ion chemistry for top-down and bottom-up analysis of proteins.