Our new pharmacy programme may have only just started, but Birmingham has been instrumental in the development of the most important pharmacy-based publication of all time.

A national institution, the British National Formulary (BNF) is the medical reference book that details advice on prescribing and dispensing drugs safely. Used by pharmacists, doctors, dentists and nurses amongst others, the BNF is seen as the gold standard for prescribers and dispensers both in book form and electronically.

Impressively, three of the four Senior Medical Advisors and Chairs of the advisory group to the BNF have been Birmingham Medical School staff or alumni - Professor Martin Kendall, Professor Owen Wade, Sir Charles George. 

MK, OW, CG at the Royal College of Physicians

Professor Martin Kendall, Professor Owen Wade, Sir Charles George at the Royal College of Physicians.

Today the BNF is an essential part of modern healthcare and is available in hardcopy and online. University of Birmingham staff including Professor John Marriott, Dr Jamie Coleman, Professor Robin Ferner, as well as Professor Martin Kendall, continue to play key roles on advisory boards.

Long may the Birmingham BNF legacy continue.