CREES Director Tim Haughton (POLSIS) co-wrote an analysis of the Czech Elections for the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog explaining the second electoral earthquake to hit the Czech Republic in three years.

In an article co-authored with colleagues from the United States and Belgium, Dr Tim Haughton (POLSIS) analysed the results of the Czech parliamentary elections of November 2013 for the Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog. The article entitled, 'The Czech Paradox: Did the winner lose and the losers win?', explains the the emergence and success of the new parties in the 2013 elections, but also the drop in support for the older established parties.

The article is part of a wider project he is undertaking examining the sources of stability and instability of party politics across Central and Eastern Europe. Dr Haughton also participated in a post-election roundtable at University College London on Monday 28 November alongside Dr Sean Hanley (UCL) and Dr Katya Koucourek (Economist Intelligence Unit).