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The York Theatre Royal is one of the country’s leading producing theatres for over 250 years. The theatre puts on productions, pantomimes and facilitates workshops. Zoe Fabian worked as a Director’s Assistant and Workshop Facilitator for the duration of her internship.

The internship lasted for 2 weeks in the summer of 2013 and Zoe was supported by the UK Professional Bursary which helped her for the duration of her internship.

Zoe’s responsibilities included assisting with research and development, sourcing props and costumes, and contributing to the creative process of actualising the piece. She also helped to create and facilitate a storytelling workshop for Key Stage 2 children (7-11 year olds) at local primary schools and YTR's Youth Theatre.

One of the best things about working at York Theatre Royal was that no two days were the same, which was part of what made Zoe’s experience so enjoyable. A day of intensive rehearsal in the studio would be followed by a day in and out of the city centre sourcing props and costume, which would be followed by a day of filming in the theatre’s ballroom as part of their big King Arthur summer project.

As a result of her placement Zoe has made some incredible contacts in the arts and theatre world, including having an Associate Director as a mentor. She now has a prominent professional working theatre company on her CV which will help her when applying for theatre positions after she graduates.

"I enjoyed the creation and facilitation of the ‘Tales of Camelot’ workshop activities in the local primary schools and I felt proud of the activities that I had thought of and led. It was satisfying to deliver these as part of such a fantastic and professional team; and the immediate responses and feedback from the children involved was very rewarding."

"My main personal achievement was that I became a respected member of the professional team I was working with and that I could be proud of the contributions I made to the Morgana le Fey project during my time at York Theatre Royal."

"Zoe was an absolute asset to the rehearsal room - hardworking, creative, intelligent, articulate and enthusiastic. She showed a real maturity in her relationship with the artistic team and was able to work independently and make good decisions and solve problems in a very pressured rehearsal period, which was remarkable. She also created a section of workshop to run in the schools involved in the project, which she researched, developed and delivered beautifully. She has excellent communication skills and was a real joy to have on the project. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."