An article by HSMC's Robin Miller entitled ‘Are expectations for integrating health and social care unrealistic?’ was recently published in 'The Guardian'. Robin writes:

Robin Miller, Senior Fellow HSMC

“Despite successive governments recognising the potential benefits of supporting older people to stay well, avoid injury and get back on their feet after a hospital admission, it has proved difficult to achieve change in practice.

That does not mean that there has been no progress. There are re-ablement and falls prevention services available in most local areas, and numerous examples of innovative projects being delivered through the third sector. However, the much called-for shift to a more preventive model is yet to become a reality.

Integration is seen as one means to facilitate this change and is being promoted as such within current policy. This is on the basis that people are falling through the patchwork of available preventive provisions, and better linkage of these services will lead to people being identified and supported earlier. These concerns reflect the common experience of the people who work in services and those who stand to benefit from improvements...”

Read the full article in the Guardian here