Interfaces web

The first Interfaces Advanced Training Course 1 was successfully held at the University of Birmingham in the UK on 7th and 8th May 2014.

The theme of the 1 1/2 day event was "supradisciplinarity", with discussions on the importance of transcending traditional academic fields to achieve groundbreaking research, how this will be relevant to the Interfaces project, and with partners from academia, industry, research and environmental agencies sharing their personal experiences of working in a supra-disciplinary context.

Most importantly, it was also a great opportunity for most of the Interfaces researchers to meet each other for the first time, find out more about the project and reflect on how their individual research will fit into this. This included an exercise asking the researchers to connect all individual research projects and work packages with strings to form a web, and a picture of the result can be seen below.

The ATC1 was a great event to formally welcome the researchers and get both fellows and partners enthusiastic about the project. We are now looking forward to the next ATC at CRP-Gabriel Lippmann in Luxembourg in November 2014, and of course the Summer School in July 2014 at IGB Berlin.