Birmingham Law School graduate Jennifer Ogundemuren (LLB, Law, 2014) has been awarded third place for the Future Leaders Award in the UK – a fantastic achievement.

Photo of Law alumna Jennifer Ogundemuren, third place in Future Leaders in the UK

During her exam preparation this summer, Jennifer was nominated by the Black Power List for the Future Leaders award. This award by Powerful Media is a ‘sister’ publication of the Black Power List which is known for profiling 100 of the most influential black people in Britain. The Future Leaders award profiles 100 of the best black undergraduates/University graduates of Afro Caribbean heritage each year.

Jennifer said; ‘I was shocked and very humbled to know that someone thought I should be nominated!’

On hearing that she had been awarded third place, Jennifer said, “I was absolutely speechless. It was such a surreal moment to hear my name being called out. The people in the magazine are phenomenal, and it’s so humbling to know that someone deemed me worthy enough to stand alongside such incredible talent. Additionally, I am so thankful for the magazine because now my ten year old sister can look in the magazine and see people who look just like her doing incredible things.’

Jennifer is an aspiring Public Health Consultant, committed to the effective protection and improvement of health amongst African communities. Following her graduation, Jennifer completed an internship at Vedic Lifecare Hospital, Lagos, Nigeria. She recently qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language worldwide and is currently working for InterHealth Worldwide in their London Office.

‘We need a strong body of African leaders and professionals at the forefront of development in Africa, in order to really become self-sufficient and to really start exerting our full potential as an incredible Continent. I am hoping to find a job in West Africa as it is almost impossible to really understand a situation when you are not breathing the same air as the people for whom this is their reality…’