Forensic evidence - such as DNA, fingerprints or footwear impressions – can be used to link crimes together that have been committed by the same person. However, such evidence is not always available. In such scenarios, it may be possible to link crimes together using modus operandi.

While in South Africa on a C-LINK research project, Dr Jessica Woodhams and Dr Amy Burrell were invited to the 2nd National Conference for Forensic Science (10-13 February 2014) to present on the linking of crimes using modus operandi. Dr Woodhams gave a presentation on the development of the Crime Linkage International Network (C-LINK), hosted at the University of Birmingham, as a model for academic-practitioner collaboration. Dr Burrell presented a plenary talk on her PhD research on linking personal robberies, a crime of particular interest to the South African Police Service. More than 400 delegates were present representing all departments of the South African Police Service and Forensic Science Laboratory, as well as academics from across the world.

Presenting at the 2nd National Conference for Forensic Science