Dr Paul Warmington, deputy director of the Centre for Research in Race and Education, has written a major new study on the role played by Black British intellectuals in shaping the UK education system.

His book, Black British Intellectuals and Education, published by Routledge in 2014 explores the histories of race, education and social justice through the work of Black British public intellectuals: academics, educators and campaigners. The book provides a critical history of diverse currents in Black British intellectual production, from the eighteenth century, through post-war migration and into the present, focusing on the sometimes hidden impacts of Black thinkers on education and social justice. First, Warmington argues that Black British thinkers have helped fundamentally to shape educational policy, practice and philosophy, particularly in the post-war period. Second, he suggests that education has been one of the key spaces in which the mass consciousness of being Black and British has emerged, and a key site in which Black British intellectual positions have been defined and differentiated.

Paul has written about the position of contemporary Black British intellectuals in The Guardian newspaper: To read the full Guardian Online article, please visit: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/feb/15/british-black-intellectual-stuart-hall 

Listen to Paul discuss his academic research, including the new book, in this podcast