Congratulations to Shirley Ye in the Department of History, who has been successful in her application to the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation. As part of their Lecture Series Grants scheme, Shirley will deliver a number of lectures across the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick in order to provoke discussion and debate about the possibilities for expanding disciplinary and methodological interest in China and globalisation.

Along with her Co-Director, Dr Howard Chiang (the University of Warwick), Shirley will stage six lectures over the next 12 months. The lectures will feature speakers who are internationally-renowned scholars, from a variety of disciplines. By bringing together scholars, from the fields of literature, history of science and medicine, Southeast Asia, and global Christianity, the series aims to stimulate institutional interest to expand China studies beyond History. The scope of the series has been left intentionally broad in order to explore the interlinked processes of modernity and globalisation – from the late imperial to the contemporary periods – that have shaped the contemporary world we know today.