Since 1996, 766 Sport and Exercise Sciences undergraduates have studied respiratory control with Dr Michael Parkes.

Do you still remember the debates over how little is known about how breathing is controlled in exercise ( Guz, 1966, Wasserman 1986, Goodwin 1972)?

Does it matter any more?!

Former students might be interested to know that these debates have now generated a number of reviews which can be downloaded freely:-

 Parkes MJ (2014). Have the carotid chemoreceptors anything to do with the control of breathing during exercise in Man? Physiology News 94, 22-25.

For the 'full Monty', try

M. J. Parkes, "Evaluating the Importance of the Carotid Chemoreceptors in Controlling Breathing during Exercise in Man", BioMed Research International, vol. 2013, Article ID 893506, 18 pages, 2013.