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  • Research by Birmingham physicists submitted to The Astrophysical Journal that shows potential for Intelligent life in our Milky Way Galaxy confirms the detection of low-mass, rocky planets around a star that’s at least 11.2 billion years old, or more than twice the age of our own solar system. This was featured by Forbes.comEconomic Times and gizmag (23.12.14)
  • Dr Simon Cotton, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, wrote a piece about the science behind our best-loved festive traditions for The Birmingham Brief,  The Conversation and IFL Science (18.12.14)
  • The University’s research into liquid air technologies was discussed in an article in The Guardian, about how technology can be used to stop food waste in developing countries (18.12.14)
  • The School of Metallurgy and Materials 3D laser printed a penguin family, which were featured on Meteoweb (Italy) and on Industrie-techno (France) (18.12.14)
  • A University of Birmingham report into how liquid air could be used to stop wastage in the Indian food chain was featured in the Hindustan Times (09.12.14)
  • Dr David Craven, Royal Society Research Fellow and Senior Birmingham Fellow at University of Birmingham wrote a piece for the  Conversation  - Alan Turing’s Legacy is even bigger than we realise (01.12.14)