A recent workshop hosted by the School of Psychology provided training to academics, NHS staff and service-users on how to improve mental health services through Experience-based Co-Design (EBCD).

EBCD uses the experiences of staff and service-users to raise the standard of healthcare systems.

It involves managers, clinicians, service-users and family members and draws on psychological principles about social relationships between groups.

The approach is often used for physical health services, but a recent project led by psychologists at Birmingham is the first to publish on EBCD for mental health.

The workshop was attended by academics, clinicians, NHS managers and quality improvement professionals from Britain and the Netherlands.

It was co-presented by Dr Michael Larkin, Dr Lizzie Newton, Prof Glenn Robert (KCL), Mr Neil Springham (Oxleas NHS Trust) and Dr Zoe Boden (LSBU).

For more information about EBCD visit the project’s blog or follow the team on Twitter.